Cowboy Dreams aims at being the soundtrack of the treacherous and mysterious desert, as evidenced by the songs Colt .45, The Rodeo Clown, Chasing Shadows and Your Medicine is Bad. But it also includes introspective lyrics combined with contagious melodies, as the title track Cowboy Dreams portrays as well as the closer

The Confession, which also includes an unexpected orchestral introduction, emphasizing Bones’ willingness to go anywhere in support of his sonic vision.

Critics have suggested that Banjo Bones is doing for Americana music what Outlaw Country did for Country music in the 1970’s, by giving it a gritty authenticity that had been lost to cowboy-hat-wearing pop stars in recent memory.

 The most appropriate artwork for the album was used courtesy of the brilliant artist of the old west   Mr. Carl Hantman.

Carl Hantman

 Art of The Old West

  Excitement of the old west still paints a picture of a world with  brave and heroic native American Indians and vast open lands.