View On the Navajo   J.N. Bartfield Galleries   Sold

The Last Prayer   J.N. Bartfield Galleries   Sold

Alert   J.N. Bartfield Galleries

Devil Wire Will Speak No More     J.N. Bartfield Galleries

New Paintings

Shooting The Singing Wire   J.N. Bartfield Galleries

Scouting the Terrain    J.N. Bartfield Galleries  

The Dog Isn't Barking     J.N. Bartfield Galleries

Escaping The Smoke   J.N. Bartfield Galleries   Sold

Carl Hantman

 Art of The Old West

  Excitement of the old west still paints a picture of a world with  brave and heroic native American Indians and vast open lands.

        Winter Camp    J.N. Bartfield Galleries  Sold

Bad Waters    J.N. Bartfield Galleries


Carl's website is the story of an artist that loves to paint the old west.  Each webpage has links that will take you to view some of the paintings for illustrations and fine art pieces. You will view many sold paintings and a few paintings that are for sale.  We must thank artists like Carl for painting the old west as it was, for those days are just memories. Art for Sale