Carl Hantman

 Art of The Old West

  Excitement of the old west still paints a picture of a world with  brave and heroic native American Indians and vast open lands.

Broken Treaty     J.N. Bartfield Gallery   Sold

Bright Morning    J.N. Bartfield Gallery   Sold

The  Apache Scout      Trailside Gallery   Sold

Before the Storm    J.N. BartfieldGallery   Sold

Gallery Paintings

Carl Hantman is Represented by:

J. N. Bartfield Galleries

Carl Hantman Associates

Rustlers of Winter     J.N. Bartfield Gallery  Sold

Return of the Winter Warriors    J.N. Bartfield Gallery   Sold

The Dog Isn't Barking      J.N. Bartfield Gallery

View On The Navajo      J.N.  Bartfield Gallery   Sold

Fresh Horses   Trailside Gallery  Sold

Survival On The Plains     Trailside Gallery    Sold

Devil Wire Will Speak No More     J.N. Bartfield Gallery

Hacienda      Trailside Gallery   Sold

Abandoned Claim    J.N. Bartfield Gallery-Sold

Leaving The Trading Post   J.N. Bartfield Gallery  Sold

A Prayer for My Family    Carl Hantman Associates

Shooting The Singing Wire   J.N. Bartfield Gallery

Scared Waters   Trailside Gallery    Sold

Return of  The Warriors   J.N. Bartfield Gallery

Pride of Camp    Carl Hantman Associates

The Scouting Party    Trailside Gallery  Sold

Coming to Trade     J.N. Bartfield Gallery

Ahead of the Storm    Settlers West Gallery   Sold

Our  Land   Trailside Gallery   Sold

Waiting For the Uninvited     Trailside Gallery   Sold

Welcome Campfire     Carl Hantman Associates

Hidden Camp     Trailside Gallery  Sold

Winter Camp    J.N. Bartfield

Colors of Red   Trailside  Gallery    Sold

Alert  J.N. Bartfield Gallery

Scouting the Terrain    J.N. Bartfield

Almost Home   J.N. Bartfield Gallery

Scouting The Fort     J.N. Bartfield Gallery     Sold

Husberg Gallery  Sold